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REalistic REEntry
"Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly." -- Martin Luther King
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"It always seems impossible until it's done." -- Nelson Mandel
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Realistic reentry
"How hard you work matters more than how much you make." -- Michelle Obama
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What is realistic reentry

Realistic ReEntry is Pittsburgh's first restorative practice based  interim management firm for social service orginizations, governemnt agencies, employers, and foundations. Our award winning experts assist organizations who are undergoing major change, trying to implement a critical strategy or are looking to plug a critical management gap. 

Our mission is to reduce the dissonance among social service efforts and that serve communities, while presenting the opportunity to truly diversify the human capital of social service organizations, government agencies, employers, and foundations. Realistic ReEntry emphasizes the historical context of relationships among society and those who offend in our project planning and design. We provide a restorative approach to promote solidarity and stability among organizations on the micro, mezzo, and macro systems level.

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Realistic ReEntry 

Our award winning experts are hired to intensify the richness of ideas and problem solving capabilities of your team, while saving the costs of hiring a full-time employee.